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Our team has developed a relationship with a neighboring K-8 school, Messmer St. Rose, located in the heart of Milwaukee. Through a variety of activities, we inspire their 4th grade students to learn about the world around them and to consider pursuing futures in STEM. We plan to continue supporting this specific class of students until their graduation from Saint Rose; in this way, we hope to build friendships and a support system that can support these fifty Saint Rose students’ in their future, a future that will hopefully include STEM in high school and beyond.


At St. Rose in 2017-18, we held a Books & Bots program; students could drive a demo-bot and shoot balls into a goal. At their annual parent night, we helped the students and family members build “bristle bots” from the heads of toothbrushes. The students then raced them on a track which contributed to a fun, competitive atmosphere at the event. 


Among our favorite events with St. Rose was their field trip visit for a tour of our build room. During their visit, Team 1732 members taught the fourth graders how to use basic tools, demonstrated the capabilities of our previous robots and further explained FIRST and its contributions to the community. 


We also helped them make a St. Patrick’s Day card with electricity conducting tape while teaching about simple circuits, build lava lamps teaching them about thermodynamics, and create marshmallow towers while explaining some basics about structures.


We intend to continue our relationship

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