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In 2014, Team 1732 wrote and published its very own children’s book titled “Robot McGuire: From Meek to Magnificent”. It is the story of McGuire, a FRC robot built to play basketball who is worried that he will not fit in when he attends his first FRC competition. (McGuire is based off of Team 1732’s actual 2014 competition robot named “McGuire.”) McGuire soon learns that being yourself is more important than fitting in with everyone else.


The book includes text on each page in both English and Spanish. 

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to purchase copies donated to libraries, schools, and similar institutions. If you know a community institution that would benefit by receiving a free copy, please contact

You can support Team 1732’s book donations by purchasing your own copy of “Robot McGuire: From Meek to Magnificent” on Amazon. Or you can listen to the digital audio flipbook in English (Spanish coming soon).

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