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Since 2014, Team 1732 has sponsored an annual Design-A-Robot poster contest inviting students in 1st through 5th grades from over 200+ schools in the Milwaukee area to participate. The contest’s purpose is to encourage youth to explore ways robots can help make peoples’ lives easier and better.


Students are invited to design, draw, and explain a robot that meets the theme for that year's contest. Past contests have asked students to design robots who could do things like help the earth, help deliver letters and packages, help around the house, and even help someone survive on Mars! 

The contest theme for 2024 is “Think about something you would like to create.  Then design a cool robot that could make it easier.” Here are links to the contest flyer in English, Spanish and Hmong. Entry forms are available from Milwaukee area school principals and should be submitted through the students’ school by March 11.

Entries are judged by Team 1732 members based on originality, creativity, and illustration detail. Winners become honorary members of Team 1732, receive an official team t-shirt and join the team for an Awards Brunch and guided tour of Team 1732’s workshop at Marquette University High School in April or May each year.

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