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Engineering at Marquette University:

Dear Leaders of Marquette University High School,

As Opus Dean of the Opus College of Engineering at Marquette University, it is my hope that MUHS students will consider Marquette University as their destination for professional and personal growth, leadership development, adventure and community for the next four years.  To that end, I am excited to inform you of several generous scholarship opportunities available to incoming engineering students in the 2021-22 academic year. All of these scholarships are renewable each year.

The Opus Scholars Award and the Donald J. and Frances I. Herdrich Endowed Scholarship for Engineering recognize a combination of outstanding academic achievement, as well as significant financial need for at least four incoming engineering first year students. These scholarships include full tuition, plus room and board. Both scholarships provide support for students who are first generation college students, and may not have the same academic preparation advantages or financial support that other students have. In addition to financial support, our scholars are welcomed into the outstanding Engineering Scholars Program, which includes social and academic support, to help students prepare for life after college. 

The William G. “Pop” Fotsch Engineering Endowed Scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement for students with financial need, for at least four incoming engineering first year students.  This scholarship is half tuition, and can be combined with Marquette Grant funding, up to full tuition.

The FIRST Robotics Scholarship recognizes the achievements and robotics experience of two incoming engineering first year students. This scholarship is $6,000 per academic year, and students can learn more and apply by February 19, 2021, by visiting the FIRST Robotics Scholarship website and search for Marquette University.

These are just three examples of scholarship opportunities available to your high achieving graduates.  You can visit our Scholarships and Scholar Programs website for more information on these and other scholarship opportunities.

We at Marquette are very excited about these scholarship opportunities, which provide access to a world class, well-rounded education. True to our Jesuit mission, from day one our students learn both how to apply engineering solutions to complex global challenges and see how their work as engineers impacts society. They practice engineering, express their creativity, and gain business acumen through industry internships, cooperative education, and undergraduate research.  Our students arrive ready to explore, grow, take risks, and create value, and we are here to help them do so.   

I know that you share our goal of helping students to be the difference in our local and global communities.  Please share this information with students in your graduating class who show promise as future technical leaders and encourage them to consider Marquette University’s Opus College of Engineering.

Kind regards, 

Kristina M. Ropella, Ph.D.  

Opus Dean and Professor  

Opus College of Engineering

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