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Mechanical Lead / Council Member

Emma Cayen, a DSHA senior, exhibits her intense dedication to the team on a daily basis. As an upperclassman Mechanical sub-team member, she has emerged as a true technical, organizational, and personal leader. Emma also assists in spirit-wear design and other non-technical tasks. Her favorite type of hat is the bucket hat. 


Business Lead / Council Member

Caroline Powers is a junior at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School.  In her third year on the team, she handles all thing business: team spirit-wear, promotional opportunities, website design, and of course, sponsorships. Also a member of the Electrical sub-team, she loves getting technically involved while telling jokes and stories. Caroline's your go-to for any business-related questions.


Electrical Lead / Council Member

Veronica Freund, a senior at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, has been a member of Team 1732 for four years and has held Electrical sub-team leadership for two. She holds a vast amount of technical knowledge and a strong tendency to teach new members essential information. She also assists with the team's web design and management. 


Programming Lead / Council Member

Jay Schauer is a senior at Marquette University High School and has always been a strong member on the Programming sub-team. Always ready to go with a solution and an easy-going demeanor, he brings calm and progress to both the Programming sub-team and the Council.

Hip Young Male
Hip Young Male


CAD Lead / Council Member

Brian Callen is a senior at Marquette University High School. He has a long history of rich involvement and leadership on the team and continues this legacy in his senior year. Brian has also been a leader on the CAD sub-team for two years and works to pass on his knowledge to younger members of the team.

Hip Young Male
Hip Young Male
Hip Young Male
Hip Young Male


Community Activities Lead /

Council Member

Rachel Storts, a senior at DSHA, brings a bubbly personality and a lot of heart to the team. Whether organizing large scale community service events for the team or just being a good friend, she's always a positive and impactful presence on the team. Rachel is also a Mechanical sub-team member and loves working in the build room on a day-to-day basis.

Our Mentors

Mechanical Mentors:

  • John Wanninger

  • John Callen

  • Tony Cavalco

  • Wes Bassindale

  • Sandra Mejia

  • Ryan Nelsen-Freund

  • Kevin Roels

Electrical Mentors:

  • Matt Duffy

  • Ernst Arnold

Programming Mentors:

  • John Christiansen

  • Justin Chan

  • Ryan Guinn

  • Eric Schultz

CAD Mentors:

  • John Wanniger

  • Ryan Guinn

Logistics Mentors:​

  • John Callen

  • Michael Griffin

Business Mentors:

  • Wende Moline

  • Tony Cavalco

  • Chris Jones

Community Activities/ Awards Mentors:​

  • Joe Cayen

  • Chris Jones

  • Gina Tegge