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FIRST Lego League Tournament

Since 2008, Team 1732 has hosted the only FLL tournaments in central city Milwaukee. In 2011, as a result of having a waiting list of 86 teams and in the desire to accommodate more teams, we began to host two back-to-back FLL tournaments in a single weekend at Marquette University High School. Between 70 and 80 FLL teams attend and compete each year, making this one of the largest FLL events in the state. Additionally, our tournament location provides an accessible venue for inner-city teams that cannot travel very far. We strive for organization and staying on schedule to give teams the best possible experience at our tournaments, with the help of our student and parent volunteers. We also invite other FRC teams to assist at the tournament, providing a way for these FRC teams to build a sense of community. Overall, the tournament allows us to help many FLL teams prepare to become the next leaders in the FIRST community.

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