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The Business & Communications subteam is responsible for a large portion of the non-technical work for Hilltopper Robotics. Many of the major tasks of Business & Communications relate to fundraising. During fundraising efforts, this subteam contacts companies and others who may be willing to donate in exchange for becoming a team sponsor. Other activities include managing the team budget, designing the website, and overseeing the team’s social media.

To become a team contributor, click the button below

Business & Communications

Why Sponsor Hilltopper Robotics?

Make Connections

Make a Connection

FRC is the biggest high school robotics competition in the world. Get your brand seen by thousands of current engineering mentors and future technological leaders.

Make a Difference

Money donated  to Hilltopper Robotics goes directly to our most pressing costs: parts, machinery, and community outreach funding. Each contribution allows more students to become engaged with our programs.

Make a Contribution

Associate your brand with Hilltopper Robotics today! Hit the button below to learn more about the donation process and the rewards your company will receive.

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